Medicoplast – your reliable Partner for Ethylenoxide ( EO ) Sterilization

We offer:

  • More than 45 years of experience in the area of contract sterilization of medical products
  • Short lead times plus a location well connected to the highway system in the heart of Saarland
  • Validation, control and approval of the sterilization process according to ISO 11135 in co-operation with accredited testing laboratories

The EO-Sterilization process

In preparation for the sterilization process the goods are usually stored in our pre-conditioning chamber for a mimimum of 12 hours at 35 – 45°C and 45 – 80 % relative humidity.

Our De Lama sterilization chamber offers space for 10 euro pallets. Sterilization is performed by ethylenoxide in under pressure method . Several routine cycles with different exposure times, temperatures and pressure ratios are available.

Following sterilization the products are stored in one of our two desorption chambers until the residual gas content reaches the limiting value of below ISO 10993-7.

Are you looking for a service provide for EO sterilization of your medical products? Please feel free to contact us!

We will gladly prepare an offer about the cost of validation according to ISO 11135 as well as for routine sterilization.

  • General information about the product to be sterilized and its’ packaging
  • Type of delivery of goods (pallets / cartons ) and the planned annual quatity.

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Christiane Hoffmann

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