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Medicoplast International GmbH

Medicoplast International GmbH is a medium-sized enterprise featuring more than 45 years of experience in medical technology. With our educated staff members we develop and produce medical disposables made of silicone, latex, polyurethane, PVC and other plastic materials. Our portfolio consists of catheters, drainages, tracheal and tracheostomy tubes, feeding tubes, cannulas as well as a wide range of accessories for each field of application. From our company location in Illingen, right next to highway A1, within the border triangle of France- Benelux- Germany over 40 million catheters are distributed per year by a network of worldwide distributors in long-term partnerships.

Our catheters are produced in manual labor for the most part. Catheters are manufactured by self-constructed production machines. . To fulfill the high hygienic standards for medical products
we manufacture our products in a cleanroom of ISO class 8 (DIN ISO 14644).

Packaging into the sterile barrier system is performed by validated packing machines in our cleanroom.Several different formats and models are available and make it possible to respond to varied requests of our customers.

In development of medical products we work hand in hand with our customers and skilled medical professionals. Medicoplast relies on over 45 years of experience in development and processing of plastic materials in medical technology. In order to realize complex products we utilize modern construction software in 3D , as well as 3D printers to produce models and samples.

With our in-house injection molding machines and extruders Medicoplast complies with all aspects of production of medical technology.

The Medicoplast sterilization plant sterilizes our products by means of material-friendly Ethylenoxide method.

Our staff members in quality and product management look back on long-term experience and are educated constantly to fulfill the high requirements regarding the products.

MEDICOPLAST International GmbH- your partner for development, production, packaging and sterilization of medical products.

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